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Meet the Artist

Satarah Lewis is a passionate indigenous mother and tattoo artist who seeks to make a lasting impact on the revitalization of South Eastern indigenous culture. With a profound respect for tradition and a drive for innovation, she uses her artistic abilities to honor her heritage while pushing the boundaries of tattoo art. Through her work, collaborations, and community involvement, she strives to create a legacy that not only showcases the beauty of indigenous culture but also inspires others to embrace their own unique identities and celebrate the diversity of the human experience.
Beyond her artistic prowess, Satarah is equally admired for her warm and compassionate nature. As a mother, she understands the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for her clients, ensuring that their tattoo experience is not only visually stunning but emotionally gratifying as well. Her ability to build meaningful connections with her clients has earned her a loyal following and a reputation for providing exceptional customer experience.